Parging restoration for your home

If you suddenly notice cracks, weaknesses, ageing or breaks in your parge, there are several solutions you can consider.

Our experts have seen it all, and can recommend the ideal method and product, to protect your home’s foundation.


Limited damage

If you’re dealing with superficial cracks, using an immediate sealer will help avoid water infiltration that could cause more substantial damages. If you have small cracks, limited, scattered detachments or damaged corners, our professionals will opt for parging that will smooth out the surface. We use fast-acting repair concrete that allows us to finish our work on the same day, rendering fast, efficient results.


Major damage

When damages are major, we’ll go for a more substantial parging project. What does this mean exactly? Well first, we’ll remove the necessary outer crust, without damaging the building’s structure. This helps make sure we start with a clean slate. We then proceed with a complete, new parging layer.

Whatever repair work is needed, our team guarantees aesthetic, durable results, total satisfaction and increased property value.


Painting. Yes or no?

If you’d like to match your home’s foundation with the rest of its surfacing, we recommend using a color coating for cement that will harmonizes, instead of opting to paint your parge. Painting the foundation can increase the risk of retaining humidity and diminish adhesion. Better to be safe, than sorry

Renovating can increase property value and improve quality of life.
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