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Your home’s foundation is important, and perhaps you’ve identified a few weaknesses you’d like to address. Perhaps some joint or concrete imperfections you’d like to eliminate. Hire a certified parging contractor that will competently repair whatever needs fixing, using novel and efficient techniques, while respecting strict industry standards. Monsieur Crépi “Nouvelle Génération” Inc. is a professional family business that specializes in exterior finishing and foundation parging, whether it’s traditional, acrylic or concrete resurfacing. No detail is overlooked. Whether we’re starting from scratch, or revamping existing surfaces that have damaged over time, rest assured that your walls and foundation will have an impeccable finish by the time we’re done. Our skilled experts also repair and restore surfaces such as porches, steps, balconies, patios and other surfaces that require efficient, professional concrete resurfacing

Trust an experienced, exterior finishing contractor that will recommend solutions that matches your needs and budget. Contact us! You’ll be in great hands!

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