Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing: stairs and porch

Your concrete stairs are exposed to years of harsh weather and they’ll naturally damage over time. There’s no need to destroy the porch structure in order to strengthen and revamp. A proper repair job, executed with technique and finesse, will improve look, resistance and overall strength.

Concrete resurfacing basically means removing dry, damaged and cracked concrete, in order to expose the healthy undercoat. We use a 3000 lbs pressure cleaner, then apply high resistance polymer concrete(Sika products). The final polish is executed with a sponge.

Resurfaçage par Monsieur CrépiResurfaçage de Béton par Monsieur Crépi

We can also cover the surface with an acrylic sealer that offers better resistance. We’re specialists and we know what works best.

We use ADEX acrylic coating on floors. It’s a quality product that gives beauty and value to residential, commercial or industrial structures.

After a thorough cleaning of the surface, we apply SIKA coating with a trowel; we sponge everything smooth, and then let it dry.

If the damage is limited to a specific area, simply located in a few spots, we’ll opt for simple surface refinishing. We’ll clean and grind surfaces in order to make sure the finish is smooth and perfectly uniform.

The same thing applies to crevasses that are caused by rusted rebar when the concrete is poured and later exposed

After a deep cleanse, we apply the coating with a trowel, then sponge and let dry.

Your outdoor steps can look new again, thanks to perfect resurfacing. We’re often told that porches look better than they did originally, after we’ve worked our magic!

Concrete resurfacing: pool contouring

Your pool should be an inviting, clean and safe area, perfect for rest, relaxation and fun. If the concrete surrounding your pool is starting to look old or damaged, concrete resurfacing can help improve the look, feel and safety you want for you and your family.


Resurfacing products used

Texnov | Acrylic coating designed for concrete

Discover its advantages!

ADEX | Premium surfacing

This, non-slippery, non-toxic, odorless, water-resistant product, protects from mold and mildew.


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