Need parging restoration? Call Monsieur Crépi

Want to revamp the look of your home’s foundation, your garage or even your building? Longing for your porch to look brand new? Our team has the knowledge and skill to make it happen. Exterior finishing specialists, we’re experts at parging and have innovative, cutting-edge, efficient, and long-lasting solutions that will really change the look and condition of the selected project.

For parging or acrylic coating or restoration, or for concrete stair or porch resurfacing call the experts at Monsieur Crépi “Nouvelle Génération” Inc. They’re skilled, honest and able to recommend the very best solution for you.

Our services are available in the Greater Montreal area and surrounding.

Monsieur Crépi

Pincourt, Qc J7V 4E8
Phone: (514) 347-8922

Areas served

Great Montreal from West to East
Laval from West to East