Perfect parging

Parging is the most commonly used material when covering a home’s concrete foundation. Not only does it enhance the look of your home, it keeps your foundation healthy and strong, by sealing together all the maçonnery work.


Its function is to protect your home against bad weather, while favoring exterior gas exchange. It also ensures phonic and thermal protection.

A most for a new construction, it’s also great for enhancing older foundations that needs refreshing. Our parging services include the following options:

  • Your choice of cover (parge or acrylic)
  • Your choice of color (we have over 160 hues)
  • Your choice of application technique (pressure gun, sponge or other)
revêtement de crépi - avant réparationrevêtement de crépi - après réparation
revêtement de crépirevêtement de crépi

Pressure gun application

Using a pressure gun to apply parging means a very strong adhesive effect on the concrete, caused by the power of the gun, its targeted coverage and its ability to perfectly infiltrate every cement pore.


Sponge application

It’s called a sponge application, but in this case, parge is carefully applied with a trowel, then wiped with a moist sponge once it’s firm enough to maintain its shape, yet soft enough to be polished. This gives a perfect finish.


Protect your concrete and keep it looking new with parging or acrylic coating that’s applied by expert hands!

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